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Redtronic™ Mega-Flash™ Hide-Aways (HAW’s) are primarily designed to be installed within a vehicle headlight (or similar) lamp and utilise the reflective qualities to provide a powerful warning signal. Redtronic™ HAW’s have evolved, they can be installed facing inwards or outwards and with the addition of our surrounding bezels (available in black, white & chrome) Redtronic™ HAW’s can also be fitted to the exterior and utilised as a warning signal almost anywhere on the vehicle.

Unlike many HAW’s, Redtronic’s have their controls inbuilt in the rear of the unit. This means there’s no external flasher/controller to install separately, therefore making installation a lot easier, quicker and lower-cost. Unlike competitors models there’s no requirement to drill a huge hole in the bodywork to accommodate any in-line controllers. Mega-Flash™ HAW’s are available in 5 different models and have been designed for various applications.

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