The Redtronic™ Mega-Flash™ FX DS lightbar with siren and speaker can be manufactured in 6 sizes. Unlike most competing models, Redtronic™ install a 100w speaker in the centre of the light bar therefore providing maximum awareness to other drivers when in operation. Standard centre colour is black.

The Redtronic™ siren is a multi-toned unit (UK, US, German, Austrian, French tones etc.) but specific tone requirements must be pre-set upon manufacture due to switching differences between each version.

A popular size is the 21.5″ (55cm) lightbar which is DEKRA speed test approved up to 146mph with Redtronic’s ‘super strong magnets’. This model can also be manufactured in dual colour offering the user ultimate flexibility depending on the type of incident or nature of their work. The lights and siren on most temporary mounted models are ‘switched’ via a multi function cigarette plug.

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