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The Redtronic™ Mega-Flash™ Bullitt Advanced lightbar is ideal for users wanting more from their lightbar than the average user and primarily targeted towards blue light users. It utilises the newest technology and one of the most intelligent systems available. The Bullitt Advanced lightbar is crammed with features such as ECE R65 module failure detection and advanced plug & play upgradability to name but a few…

Module failure detection – the on-board controller continuously checks that the lightbar is operating correctly by providing a constant positive signal unless there is a problem with particular modules.

Advanced Plug & Play – the on-board controller is capable of powering/controlling any number of modules. Modules can be added to the circuit by simply plugging them in. No additional controllers are required.

Bullitt Basic vs Advanced – What’s the difference?
Although the Bullitt Basic and Advanced models looks similar that’s where the similarity ends. The lenses are the same but the internal controls are completely different. Please contact Redtronic™ for further details.

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