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Fireproof blankets pack. In case of being trapped in a forest fire, the possibility of survival from the thermal shock in front the fire depends on the safety protocols followed and the equipment available.

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Vallfirest company has developed a pack of fire blankets adaptable to all sorts of light vehicles and trucks used for fire extinction works. This kit aims to reach the thermal insulation inside the vehicle cabin while it remains trapped in a forest fire.

This system is much more effective if it is used together with external sprinkler kits in order to avoid glass breakage, as well as with the respiration units inside the vehicle.

The past accidents and the tests realized all over the world have shown us the way to follow in order to improve the self-protection equipment. It is known that the temperature inside the vehicle cabin is lower that outside, so that if insulating blankets are used, the thermal conditions are improved and it is possible for human beings to remain more time in safe conditions despite of the extreme conditions outside.

The insulating and fire blankets pack can be applied in any kind of vehicle used for fire extinction. It is easily mountable and replaceable from one vehicle to another if the substitution is needed. This kit is single-use in case of direct flame impact. It is designed and adapted according to different sizes of different vehicles.

Technical information:

· Composed of three layers.
· External layer: Aluminium.
· Intermediate layer: Basalt fibre.
· Internal layer: Poliacrilato fibre (TECSTAR).


· Working temperature up to 1100ºC (1200ºC at some peaks)
· Fireproof material according to DIN 4102 with normative against fire BS 476.
· Flashpoint :+ 1200ºC.
· Melting point: +1450-1650ºC.


· Thermal shock >300ºC.
· Auto ignition 435ºC at 100% O₂
· Temperature of continuous work: 260ºC
· UNE EN 1869
· UNE 23723-901R (M1)


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