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The immensely popular Redtronic™ Mega-Flash™ ‘FX low-profile lightbar’ is available in 13 sizes. Due to the nature of the design this lightbar is available with almost any configuration and various options. There are various standard models for each size but we’re able to manufacture each and every lightbar bespoke to customer requirements offering the most versatile lightbar available.

The Mega-Flash™ FX low-profile (LP) lightbar is low-cost, reliable and versatile. It’s also available in dual colour which makes it particularly useful for users requiring more than one colour of light independently switched without compromising brightness.

Unlike most imported copies of similarly shaped lightbars, Redtronic™ lightbars use high quality 3mm UV stabilised polycarbonate meaning lenses are extremely strong and resistant to ‘yellowing’ in strong sun light. All plastic (polycarbonate) lenses are produced in the UK specifically for Redtronic™.

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